Adam Arneson   You can’t find a more likable guy, just you try! The consumate aerial footage pro, he also flies commercial airliners- so maybe you have already met!
  Casey Burres   Motion graphics, animation, the guy for adding sparkle and shine and final polish. This contributor to the Oil and Ink Expo is also a father of three daughters. Good luck out there Casey!
  Chuck Norton   Known as the first son of Pasadena. Ok, that's not totally true. He's the man for UX design, branding consults and a fantastic hook up for front and back end web design. Also, he makes the meanest eggs benedict on his side of the Mississippi.
  Kuba and Aly, slow motion mojo   Creators of the Slow Motion Booth, this dynamic duo, can capture you at 220 frames per second, (you better get a haircut!)
  Matthew Custar   A super gifted and experienced designer. Brand identity for print and web, digital art, story boards, hand drawn deliciousness- he does it all, and to cap it off, he’s humble and fun to collaborate with.
  Russel Munson   Studio and live audio engineering for broadcast, mixing, and post production. He has a great heart to match his great ears.
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